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Throughout history there has been a clear evolution in our electronic communication. From the Pony Express to the advent of the Morse Telegraph in 1863 and all the way to the modern mobile internet one thing has remained constant – our desire to communicate with each other and share ideas.

Of course, the internet is the way we communicate in the information age – in fact the mobile internet is still a relatively new phenomenon in human history. Smart phones have changed the way we communicate, however the trend is not new!

If the future is anything like the past:

  • More immediate access to information
  • More information available / more sources
  • More people participating in the flow of information
  • Potential for more disinformation
  • Potential for more noise
  • Faster speeds and more data (of course)

This blog will discuss how our communications are constantly evolving, and how we can shape the future of the internet together – today.

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